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Some scholarships have very specific criteria for awarding. Please answer the following questions so we can determine your eligibility for all scholarships available to the college.

Are you a former FFA student or from a farm family? Yes No

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If yes, please see PTK Advisors Eric Pelkey for the required essay.

Do you have a family member who belongs to the Retail Lumber Dealer
Association of Maine or works for a member business?
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If yes, please state family member's name & relationship:
Lumber dealer:

If you prefer, any or all of the last three entries can be composed on a separate document and submitted to the Financial Aid Office via e-mail ( If you choose to submit an answer via e-mail, please include the question along with your response so that we will know which question you are responding to. Additionally, you must indicate in the text box(s) below that you have submitted your repsonse(s) via e-mail since all fields must be filled in.
List school and community related activities and accomplishments, including NMCC:
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Explain why you are in need of scholarship assistance and why you think you should receive it:

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